Export to the UK and Turkey


We help brands to enter the UK market. We provide a complete solution to entering the market including preparing reports on relevant product category and key players in the market, recommending an entering strategy, sourcing a proper distributor, giving advice about product formulation and packaging. 


Category analysis is the vital part of our service that helps brands to understand current trends in the market and consumer habits, demography by means of which, brands can have more sound brand positioning, pricing and performance strategy. 


We can advise on the most effective ways of entering the UK market. Regardless of whether you want to enter the market through large chains or smaller retailers, we have depth-knowledge to make your brand a success. 


Finding a distributor or agent that knows the market and believes in your product can be challenging. We help find the right UK partner for your brand with our large database of UK distributors and agents. 


UK labelling and packaging compliance regulations can be complex. Research Cube’s guidance for compliance with the regulations helps reducing risks that stem from wrong labelling and packaging. 


We offer website creation, content management, social media strategy, PR and trade show consultancy. 

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