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Our reports are presented by analyzing and interpreting information under the following headlines:

Country Profile Reports

Country profile report provides analysis covering the demographic, historical, political climate, economic conditions, cultural etiquette, business, social and environmental background and contemporary issues.

Community Based Reports

Community Based report features information regarding minorities and majorities within Turkey, including issues of the social and economic integration of refugees, social cohesion and diversity.

Economy and Finance

Economic and Financial report provides analysis and forecasts of key Turkey economic variables, such as real GDP, interest rates, inflation, income, employment, industrial production, poverty, and corruption. These reports also include social and welfare issues such as marginalized groups, forced marriages and the influence of particular individuals and groups.

Health and Social Security

Health and Social Security report presents information the availability and cost of healthcare, issues for people with disabilities, mental healthcare, and issues of stigma.

Human Rights and the Rule of Law

Human Rights and the Rule of Lawreport provides analysis whether there is widespread abuse of legal, political and social rights, including those of individuals, groups and institutions (e.g. harassment of the press, politicization of the judiciary, internal use of military for political ends, repression of political opponents, current or emerging authoritarian, dictatorial or military rule, the legal and actual punishment for certain crimes).

Risk Analysis

Risk is often the most challenging and difficult to forecast. Risk Analysis report provides analysis to mitigate, manage and respond to political, economic, social and technological risk. This report underlines key points such as identifying regional agents of influence, providing issues of government action (e.g. impact of sanctions and government policy), monitoring civil unrest, political violence, abduction, crime, wrongful detention, identifying safe locations for business opportunities and investment.

Market Research

Market Research Report provides a comprehensive overview of the market and size and share in specific industry that covers areas such as market opportunities, new market potentials, barriers to entry, competitors, spending habits, location and needs of business’s target market, risk analysis,SWOTanalysis, what external factors determine the trends including social, technological, economic, environmental, and political factors.

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